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Record Rainfall Increases Mosquito Population.

By |2018-02-16T12:18:17+00:00February 16th, 2018|Mosquitoes|

Unless you were a bear hibernating for all of 2017 you probably noticed that it seemed to never stop raining. In 2017 records were set and rainfall was 24% above average for the Dayton, OH area. According to weather.gov Dayton, OH received over 50 inches of rain for the year followed by 13 inches [...]

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Using a smartphone to detect Zika?

By |2017-03-26T14:46:28+00:00March 26th, 2017|Zika News|

The threat of Zika has become worldwide, and because of that we have some of the worlds greatest mind at work to help develop techniques to protect us from this vector borne disease.  Unfortunately the Zika virus has been tied to a surge in microcephaly cases in infants.  Zika symptoms are similar to the Flu, [...]

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Mosquito Bite Treatment and Prevention

By |2017-05-17T14:32:34+00:00March 7th, 2017|Mosquitoes|

Amosquito bite can be a nuisance and uncomfortable, but mosquitoes do serve a purpose in the natural order of the food chain.  Mosquito Larvae are a food source for fish and other aquatic life.  Bats, Birds, and spiders also feed on adult mosquitoes.  Much like humans a mosquito is just trying to survive in [...]

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Despite Predicted Slow Down, Zika Continues Plaguing Florida

By |2017-05-17T14:40:20+00:00February 12th, 2017|Zika News|

The Zika virus is mainly transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito. But, Florida Department of Health Secretary Celeste Philip says there are not well-researched protocols for how to get rid of the mosquito. “It’s different than the nuisance mosquitoes that most of us are familiar with in that instead of dusk and dawn—remember that [...]